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Leeside Lettings

Leeside Lettings was first set up in 2015. They are a large letting agency and landlord operating out of County Cork. Leeside currently have over 120 units with Pinergy smart meters installed in them and there are 50 more in the pipeline for 2020. Martin O’Rourke is the company director for Leeside Lettings, and he has seen several benefits since switching to Pinergy.
17 June 2020

Leeside let us in!
Pinergy provided Martin with a dedicated accounts manager to help him manage his energy costs, reduce administration and provide solutions for his tenants.

No more bills
Our energy services provide solutions for both Martin and his tenants. There are no more estimated tenant electricity reads for Martin and Leeside since switching to Pinergy. Bill administration is removed as the tenant can simply log onto their pinergy app and top up when necessary.

The landlord portal provides Martin with automatic daily meter readings so e can see the remaining credit balance for all units and monitor the energy consumption, cost and profitability of each unit. Martin mentioned how it help him plan for future purchasing decisions.

Transparency for Tenants
Tenants at Leeside can now see exactly how much electricity they’re using and how much it is costing them in real time. Our transparent and user friendly system allows tenants to make behavioural changes to save money and reduce energy waste.