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Maher Auctioneers

Maher auctioneers is an Irish owned auctioneer and letting agency based in county Tipperary. Auctioneering has been in the Maher family for over 100 years.
01 July 2020

They specialise in commercial rental management, commercial sales, residential rental management, land lettings & valuations.
Maher Auctioneers have over 100 units with Pinergy in Tipperary with an additional 50 units coming on board in 2020.

Rental Management
Pinergy assists Maher Auctioneers with the rental management of their properties. Pinergy’s landlord portal makes the changeover between tenants seamless. No meter reads need to be taken and the top up card simply needs to be handed over upon a tenant moving out.

Void Fund
Pinergy provides Maher auctioneers with a void pool to cover their costs during vacant periods. Maher don’t need to worry about any of their units getting disconnected as standing charges and maintenance fees can be covered by the void pool.

Smarter Management
Maher auctioneers can see the remaining balances in all their units by logging onto the Pinergy landlord portal. Tenants can also monitor their daily electricity usage by logging into their “In Home Display”. Through this they can identify areas of waste in their home and try to reduce their bills over time through behavioural changes.