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Maher Property Advisors

Maher Property Advisors are an independent, family-run agency based in Carlow Town, covering Carlow, Kilkenny and the surrounding regions.
17 June 2020

With over 20 years’ experience, Maher property is a well-respected and long-established company in the property market there. They provide an independent professional service in property rental accommodation and management package for individual landlords and residential block management. Maher Property now manage over 400 individual units and numerous apartment complexes as well as having houses for sale and rental property all over Carlow, Kildare & Kilkenny.

Maher Property has been dealing with Pinergy for a number of years and they have extended this business relationship year on year with more properties.

Student Villages – Making their tenants lives easier
Initially Maher Properties installed Pinergy Smart meters in their student properties as they felt it would be of benefit to the tenants. It allows them to top up meters online individually but also allows them to manage their cash flow.

Transparency over Vacancy Periods
The void pool Pinergy provides allowed Maher Properties to get credit on the meters during vacancy periods but also that no electricity was being used when no one was in the property.

Energy Manager Portal
When speaking about Pinergy’s Energy Manager portal Derry Maher (MD) said “their online platform is a fantastic addition which allows us to log in online and top up wherever we are and cuts out having to check meters and wasting journeys going to newsagents to top up meters as is the case with other providers.

Account Manager
Derry values Pinergy’s efficient approach and notes that having a dedicated account manager cuts down the time being wasted on the phone to different people in other providers.

Derry said he “would highly recommend Pinergy to any property manager/landlord that wants ease of access to their properties and a no-nonsense approach from their staff”.