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The Muskerry Arms Hotel

The Muskerry Arms Hotel is in the heart of Blarney Village, Cork. The family -run business run by Jermone and Gary O’Connor is Blarney’s no.1 live sports, live music and function venue.
01 July 2020

Jerome said the most important thing is making the decision to switch to Pinergy was 100 % green electricity from renewable resources. He noted how through the years they had chopped and changed suppliers, going with whatever was the cheapest option.

Corporate sales manager Damien Boylan showed Jermone and Gary that the easiest way for them to be responsible was to go green with Pinergy. Not only were they getting green energy, but they were getting smart meter technology and the smart manager platform to help them reduce their consumption over time.

Account Manager Anytime
Having a dedicated account manager is something that was new to Jerome and Gary and they said it really showed when the pandemic hit. Damian would be on the phone to help the guys go through their smart manager platform to ensure their Hotel was operating at the lowest possible capacity in terms of utilities.

Suspension Scheme
Damian informed them of the supplier suspension scheme which was of huge benefit to them as power is a major cost in their business. The Supplier Suspension Scheme was brought in by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to stop pass through charges for businesses that were closed due to Covid. Pass through charges are those levied by networks that happen each month regardless of how much power is used.

Jerome said, “we are delighted with our move to Pinergy and delighted with the support they gave us when they needed it most”.