Other Energy Solutions

Innovation is what drives us. We are committed to offering cutting edge energy solutions to our customers.

Electronic Water Treatment

  • A fit and forget scale treatment device. Always on using a small electrical power supply, the Vulcan water treatment device prevents scale build up in water systems by breaking limescale crystals down into a microscopic dust with high frequency electronic pulses meaning the scale cannot lay down on any pipes.

InterFlow Valve

  • The versatile Interflow Valve looks and is fitted like any other isolation valve, but this unique patented design accepts clever flow regulating cartridges to control the flow of water resulting in lower energy and water consumption costs.
  • The valve solves many common issues such as too much outlet pressure or water starvation, and in turn returns some attractive savings on utility bills.
  • Technology equally adaptable in domestic settings or for commercial use in businesses with high water usage such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitality etc.

Fridge Saver

  • Fridge Saver technology ensures that all products refrigerated are kept at the correct temperature. A thermostat sensor is fitted and as refrigeration cycles are measured against product temperatures instead of air, this significantly reduces the frequency of each cycle.
  • This process can increase the length of refrigeration cycles, achieve reductions as high as 80% while producing a much colder storage area.

Chill Scoop

  • Chill Scoop technology runs a patented vortex air system which catches up to 90% of cold air, then directs it straight back to the refrigeration airflow
  • With improved temperatures and working conditions, Chill Scoop Technology has made up to 21% reductions on energy consumption.

Aero Foil

  • Aero Foil technology uses a profiled aerofoil blade to keep cold air within refrigeration units, reducing energy costs and lowering maintenance
  • The detail of the Aero Foil technology has been designed and engineered by the Williams Formula One team, with energy consumption reduction reaching as much as 22% 

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