What is Pinergy One? 

Pinergy One is your new hub for all your business energy billing.

In Pinergy One, you will be able to:

  • Access your new invoices from March 2024 onwards.
  • See your account status, recent activity and access quick links.
  • Access your billing overview and a rollup view of multiple invoices.
  • View your payment history and update your payment details.

Our Invoices will be easier to understand.

You can find an overview of our new invoice below, this gives you a guide to key areas that you might find helpful to review.



Download your bill explainer as a PDF here:

Log into Pinergy One

You can login into Pinergy One now

Pinergy One

An easier way for you to access your business energy bills to improve your experience with us.
Bringing simplicity
The Pinergy One hub will give you a simple way to access your energy invoices when you need them. In addition to these billing service improvements, we will be enhancing the Pinergy One platform further throughout 2024.
  • There will be no changes to payment processes.
  • You do not need to take any action now.
  • The platform will be launching in April with your March 2024 invoice(s).
  • Timely delivery of invoices
Stay in touch
We will keep you updated as our new platform Pinergy One is deployed, so maybe bookmark this page and return if you need further information or updates.
  • Information around the launch of Pinergy One
  • Ongoing changes and future updates
Do I need to take any action now?

No, there is no changes to your payments processes and the system will be launched from Wednesday 24th April.

How do I access Pinergy One?

Once the new system goes live you will be provided with a new link to log in; you can access the platform by using your existing username (your email) but will need to create a new password.

Will I still be able to access my old bills?

All historical data will still be available in the old Smart Manager Portal.

What will happen to my bills from January and February?

There will be an integration period where Q1 invoices may arrive after March invoices. We will work with you during this period.

How are you calculating my reads?

If we have installed a Pinergy meter at your premises that covers the main incoming supply, we will use this to calculate your consumption.

If there is no Pinergy meter installed, we will calculate your consumption using the readings collected by ESBN.

When will my adjustments be applied?

Approved adjustments will be applied in the next billing period.

Will there be a possibility where two collections will be taken within the same week/month?

DD collections will be processed shortly after the publication of the monthly invoice.

Why is my March bill estimated?

As ESBN mostly take readings at various points throughout any month, it may be necessary for us to estimate your readings in conjunction with the readings we receive from ESBN.

For bills where we use ESBN reading information, we include on your invoice the last date we have received a reading from ESBN.

How will microgeneration payments be made in the new system?

Microgeneration credits are now included monthly on invoices for all Pinergy Smart Business customers that generate electricity. This improvement, from quarterly to monthly microgeneration credit, commenced with our March 2024 Invoices. Any outstanding credits in from prior to March 2024 will be applied to the May customer invoices.


Older invoices

Older invoices before March 2024, will be available on the Smart Manager platform

Need more support?

If you need support with the new platform please contact our dedicated support team at: businesssupport@pinergy.ie .