Powering Energy Transition

Get the smartest, cleanest business electricity in Ireland, detailed data on your energy use, and optimisation strategy tailored to your unique needs.
Clean business energy supply


Lower your carbon footprint with our 100% renewable energy mix. Achieve accredited carbon neutrality.
business energy analysis


Full oversight of your energy use through our smart systems. Detailed, practical insights and reporting from data analysis.
Business energy advice


Sector specific advice and energy use coaching. A dedicated energy advisor, and periodic reviews.
100% Green Electricity
We supply ALL our clients with 100% Clean Electricity with the latest in Smart technology to empower them to measure and better manage their consumption for their ESG and sustainability policies.
  • 100% Renewable electricity
  • Measure your carbon footprint for ESG purposes
  • Measure your key utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste and Air Quality
Generate your own electricity everyday
Installing Solar Energy systems across your portfolio will allow you to reduce your overheads, generate revenue from your roof & increase yields
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Enhance the value of your portfolio
  • Build revenue from microgeneration
Electric Vehicle Charging
Support your clients as they change to Electric Vehicles with Chargers that are simple to use and administer
  • Contactless payment solutions
  • Smart, Simple to use
  • Separate EV charging energy use from landlord supply

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Shane Maguire

Shane Maguire

Corporate Account Manager
Shane advises businesses on their energy requirements and helps them to deliver sustainable energy future.