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Understand your energy

Get detailed data on your energy use. Identify inefficient devices and costly activities

Compare, optimise

Insight into your home’s electricity use peaks enables meaningful energy optimisation

Energy use coaching

Discover how to reduce your consumption, your costs and your carbon footprint.
The Home Energy Eco-system
To provide a Smart Energy Home of the Future we have developed Irelands first full service package which includes everything you need to achieve A1 energy rating and be one of the top 0.001% of homes in Ireland.
  • Measured and rated under the latest Smart Readiness indicator Standard
  • Home fully powered by renewables
  • Secure source of energy (50,000 kWh from self generation or 25 years) paid for on day one
  • Ready to become part of a Community Scheme of peer to peer energy trading
Solar Panel & Battery Technology
The Smart Home upgrade package will come with brand new Solar Panels and Battery with connected smart software to manage their use
  • Solar Panels & Battery
  • Will self generate 2,400 kWh
  • Optimisation based on Solar Generation Prediction
  • Enabled for feed in tarriffs to sell back to the grid once this comes online
Find out more details about the energy upgrade package here.
Energy Upgrade Video
Find out more about the A1 Energy Upgrade Package here.
Smart Energy Info
Using your home optimisation technology and Smart Tariff you will be saving up to 40% on your energy use.
  • Home optimisation software will learn from your energy use habits and select the best time to use your solar panels, battery, and smart tariff.
  • Your tailored Smart Home tariff provides day, night, and peak rates for your energy use.
  • This combination of software and smart tariff reduces pressure on the grid and delivers significant cost savings to the user.
  • This tariff is providing 100% clean energy, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.
EV Charging
All homes signed up to the Smart Home upgrade will be able to also get EV chargers pre fitted, as an add on to the package, and set up ready to go.
  • Brand new smart chargers which use energy at the best time to charge your car
  • Connected to Pinergys network of Smart Chargers in Ireland
  • Access to Pinergy PowerUp our EV charging app to control your charging at home or on the road
  • Grants of up to €600 available for EV Chargers

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