Commercial EV Charging FAQs

Pinergy partners with small, medium and large business owners across Ireland to drive meaningful change in how we all think about and use electricity on a daily basis including EV charging

Electric car charger hanging on wall

Can my business get EV chargers?

We supply and install future-proofed commercial EV chargers at your premises. We can separate and divert your employee’s home EV charging use to work — making Pinergy Drive a comprehensive, green, and efficient replacement for fuel cards.

What is Destination Charging?

Destination Charging is generally a place where a driver can spend three or more hours. This includes hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants & golf courses where people will spend a number of hours and would like to get their EV charged while they are in the venue.

Can you organise EV charging in apartment blocks?

We offer tailored EV tariffs that separate charging from general use. Individual personal charging cards for your tenants. Bills based on kWh separated per energy user— so that everyone is on the same page.

Can you organise EV charging in commercial properties?

We supply and install cutting-edge EV charging points in your communal parking. Clear, simple billing — accessible from anywhere. Identify and separate EV charging energy use from landlord supply.