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Powering Rugby’s Future Stars with the Pinergy Munster Schools Senior Cup

Now in its third year of sponsoring the Pinergy Munster Schools Boys Senior Cup, Pinergy is committed to backing the future of Munster Rugby through Ireland’s most prestigious...
26 October 2023

Pinergy & Kearys Driving An Electric Future For Munster Rugby

Pinergy, in partnership with Munster Rugby and Kearys Motor Group, was joined by Munster Rugby players Simon Zebo, Niall Scannell and Patrick Campbell at Musgrave Park for the...
02 October 2023

Pinergy announces second price decrease this year as inflated pricing on wholesale markets eases.

Pinergy, the smart clean energy supplier & solutions company has today announced a second decrease this year to its standard residential electricity prices effective from 1st October 2023...
28 August 2023
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Insights: July – Rolling back the years.

We saw a reversal in July, of the upward pressure on power prices witnessed in June. Average prices in the SEM Day Ahead decreased 18% month-on-month. July outturn...
23 August 2023
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Insights: June – Midyear jitters as the market looks for direction.

After a sustained bear run in Irish power prices from December 2022 until May, markets began to wobble in June. Average prices in the SEM Day Ahead rose...
19 July 2023
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HVAC Systems and Reducing Energy Consumption

Maintaining HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) efficiency is crucial for energy conservation in commercial buildings. Various factors influence HVAC efficiency, including equipment age and condition, system design...
23 June 2023
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How to Choose Energy Efficient Office Equipment

– Saving Costs and the Environment In a rapidly changing world, energy efficiency has become a crucial consideration for businesses striving to reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, and...
23 June 2023
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Insights: May trend continues downwards but long term forecast less certain

Average power prices have fallen every month in 2023 so far. Average prices in the SEM Day Ahead fell ~16% month-on-month. May outturn was €105/MWh, compared to €126...
19 June 2023

Pinergy wins Green Energy Company of the Year Award

Pinergy, the smart clean energy supply & solutions company has been awarded Green Energy Company of the Year at the 2023 Chambers Ireland Recognition Awards. The awards, which...
12 June 2023