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Pinergy and ECI Energy light up the SEAI Energy Show with new partnership

Pinergy and ECI Energy announce exclusive Lighting as a Service (LAAS) agreement. Lighting can be a significant energy cost for many businesses with larger properties and spaces. By upgrading...
30 March 2022
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Energy Markets Bitesize: Europe meets

Following Putin’s playing of the Ruble card, the EU council summit which finished on Friday evening. EU leaders have effectively ignored his payment in Ruble demand, with gas...
28 March 2022
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Energy Markets Bitesize: Europe it is now over to you

From a humanitarian viewpoint, the war in Ukraine has gone further down the depths of depravity with the ongoing suffering of the Ukrainian people continuing.   When we...
24 March 2022
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Energy Market Insights: The relief of February shattered by War

Average power decreased in February down 17% on January, coming in at €175/mWh, 286% up on the same period in 2021. While February gave some relief, the energy...
23 March 2022
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Pinergy announces new Micro-generation offering

42% of businesses say ‘yes’ to investing in solar panels if they can sell excess electricity Pinergy to play its part with a new MicroGen offering where micro-generating...
09 March 2022

Energy Markets Insights: US LNG becomes manna from heaven

Average power decreased in January down 23% on December, coming in at €211/mWh, 150% up on the same period in 2021. The energy crisis is still raging, unabated....
11 February 2022

Property Excellence Awards return in 2022

Not only is property the world’s biggest store of wealth but it is the most vibrant and dominant industry in Ireland. The Irish property market’s convincing expansion despite...
01 February 2022

The Solar Revolution is coming

In 2022, Solar Energy will become more and more popular amongst homes and business owners as a means of making their own electricity every day. Electricity generated from...
27 January 2022
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Energy Market Insights: The worst month yet!

December 2021 saw more record pricing  Average power increased again in December up 23% on November, coming in at €261/mWh, 320% on the same period in 2020. The...
13 January 2022