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Simple and low-cost energy-saving tips for the workplace – ideas for reducing energy usage without significant investments

In the last post we gave you the tools and techniques to monitor business energy consumption, in case you missed it, please do read the below article. Assessing...
13 March 2023

€200 credit for domestic electricity users

The Government of Ireland has announced a second scheme to credit every domestic electricity customers’ account with €600 during 2022 and into 2023, due to the rising wholesale...
08 March 2023
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Assessing your business’s energy usage – tools and techniques for understanding and tracking your energy consumption.

In the last article we introduced why energy efficiency in the workplace is not only good for the climate but it creates and pleasant working environment which is...
10 February 2023
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Energy efficiency in the workplace – why it matters and the potential benefits for businesses

We’ve all heard about the importance of energy efficiency or energy saving in our homes and vehicles, but what about businesses? Energy efficiency is becoming more important for...
30 January 2023
Energy Technology

Measuring Energy Use Can Change Businesses’ Behaviour And Reduce Consumption

Energy consumption is a hot topic right now. Price rises are forcing businesses to reduce consumption, which is adding to pressures from investors and customers to reduce carbon...
18 October 2022

Pinergy to increase Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) tariff it pays to customers from 13.5c to 21c per kWh

Pinergy announces that its MicroGen plan will increase to 21c per kWh to reflect rising wholesale energy prices which will benefit approved customers selling their excess electricity under...
16 September 2022

Delivering reform is key to creating a fairer energy marketplace

Pinergy (the smart home electricity and business electricity Ireland) has launched its first pre-Budget submission to Government outlining its views on how the forthcoming Budget 2023 could create...
19 August 2022
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SEAI Grants for EV Charging in Apartments and Mixed Housing

For too long, apartment dwellers have not been able to fully get on board with the move to electric vehicles. SEAI will now provide up to 80% funding...
16 August 2022

Property Industry Excellence Awards return

Entries for the Property Industry Excellence Awards are now open, with one category rewarding excellence in sustainability Pinergy, the smart home electricity and business electricity suppliers in Ireland....
02 August 2022