Energy Technology

Energy Technology

Modern ways to reduce your energy usage with a smart app

The saying “knowledge is power” is as true today as it ever was and we’ve got the tools to empower you when it comes to your electricity usage...
07 August 2018
Energy Technology

Over half of irish businesses not actively monitoring energy usage

Pinergy launches Smart Energy for Business into the Irish market 57% of businesses do not actively monitor and adjust energy usage 90% of businesses plan to take some sort of...
28 May 2018
Energy Technology

Energy, homebuilders & homebuyers

I recently had the very welcome opportunity to speak and network at the ‘Right on Site’ events organised by Homebond. Whilst primarily technical events for the building community, we...
04 May 2018
Energy Technology

Pinergy welcomes National Rollout of smart electircity meters

Reacting to the news, Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy said: “After a number of years waiting we welcome the announcement on the decision to rollout smart metering throughout...
21 September 2017
Energy Technology

Pinergy making headlines

Pinergy’s Enda Gunnell says the firm’s introduction of pay-as-you-go electricity was perfectly timed due to the downturn in the economy. Enda Gunnell speaks professionally and seriously about his...
13 June 2017
Energy Technology

Pinergys partnership with HONE

PINERGY HONE will give Irish homes the opportunity to reduce their home heating costs by 70%. PINERGY HONE lead the way in helping Ireland reach our carbon emission...
23 May 2016
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More than 4000 Irish households have already signed up to a new irish energy company

PINERGY, which officially launched earlier this month with an ad campaign featuring Irish rugby star Paul O’Connell, is adding hundreds of new customers each week, according to its...
28 July 2014