Pinergy for North Cork Creameries

We have tailor made energy solutions specifically designed for those in the Dairy sector

PINERGY SMART AGRI for North Cork Creameries

We are working with North Cork Creameries to help its members to better manage, monitor and reduce their on-Farm energy consumption by as much as 20%. 

Milk cooling, water heating and vacuum pumps make farming very energy intensive. Teagasc research shows that energy costs are rising and are a considerable expense for Dairy Farmers.

Pinergy Smart Agri is an innovative energy solution designed for Farmers and Creameries to :

  • 100% Green Electricity
  • Understand your energy usage across the farm every day
  • Manage your energy risks associated with supply, power outages and surges
  • Control your energy costs
  • Access to Wind, Solar, LED, Heat Pumps, Water, Refrigeration and Electric vehicle technology. 

For more information, contact our local Energy Advisor;

Finbarr O'Mahony

Energy Advisor - Agri

Finbarr is an expert in farm energy management. With the help of Pinergy Smart Agri, farmers can understand and control their energy usage.

Dairy Farming

We caught up Dairy Farmer Richard Hinchion recently to understand how he switched to Pinergy Smart Agri and how he is planning to reduce his consumption


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