Make it simpler than ever before to manage student accommodation

At Pinergy, we supply 100% Green energy and the most advanced smart metering technology currently available on the Irish Market, which plays a vital role in reducing energy consumption and costs. 

Who can benefit from Pinergy Smart Technologies:

  • Tenants/Students who are tech savy and environmentally conscious.
  • Property Managers who require visibility of their whole portfolio in the one location.
  • Landlords who are tired of paying the electricity bills left behind by tenants and want to take action
  • Property Managers that need a GDPR compliant solution for utility transfer on vacant properties and want to greatly reduce admin time

Pinergy is not just an energy services provider. 

We are driven by innovation. We are always looking for a better, more efficient and simpler way to service our clients. In addition to offering competitive rates and an innovative approach, here is what Pinergy will do for you;

1. We remove bill administration.

Do you spend an unnecessary amount of time on administration each time you bring in new students? We eliminate this. Pinergy make it simple and easy to transfer names and manage void periods with our unique Energy Manager Portal which gives you full control and transparency for all of your properties.

2. There are no more estimated electricity reads.
This helps you manage your properties during vacant periods and helps students keep on top of their costs. You see what each unit is spending every day helping you and your students manage and control expenses.

3. We provide a void period allowance.
Students returned home for the summer? Pinergy can provide you with a void period allowance where we absorb the standing charge during your vacant months to help reduce your costs. 

4. You will also have a dedicated Pinergy Account manager.
One of our team will be personally assigned to help you manage your account and offer advice and support on optimising your properties energy to lower costs and increase profitability.

5. 100% Green Energy
Pinergy provide 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources including wind, solar and hydro power. This makes Pinergy Ireland’s first and only specialist smart energy provider to now fully supply all of its electricity to its customers from renewable sources, reducing their carbon footprint to zero. 

The benefits of Pinergy for Students

Students can monitor their electricity usage through our In Home Display (IHD) which operates either on mains or wireless with batteries and manage their account through our Pinergy Smart App. The Free Pinergy Smart App allows residents to easily manage their energy usage in their unit. Seeing their daily energy usage and costs enables them to take steps to reduce it. 

With our Pinergy Smart App students can:

  • Check their balance at a glance
  • Set automatic, scheduled or do instant top ups
  • See how many days usage they have left
  • Track electricity usage in €, kWh and CO2 emissions
  • Multiple individuals can contribute payments into the same account. This way it is easy to see who pays what and when, so no more arguments over bills 

Contact Alan Clarke, details below, to learn more about energy efficiency for your Student Accommodation properties.


Energy Advisor - Student Accomodation

Alan is an expert in helping those in the Student Accommodation to better understand and control their properties' energy usage.


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